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ElasticDW Docs

Command: cluster update

The cluster update command updates an cluster in the environment. There are currently only one property that can be changed via this interface - the number of nodes. This set of properties will expand over the coming releases. There may be more options available on the web Console.

The current primary use of this command is to increase or decrease the number of nodes in the cluster.


edw cluster update \
  -cluster-id <cluster_id> \
  -environment-id <cluster_environment_id> \
  -node <updated_number_of_nodes>

Required Flags

  • -node-count - Default: 1 - The number of nodes in the cluster. While this flag has a default, in most cases the number of nodes desired will be greater than 1.
  • -protected-delete - Default: true - Wether to create the cluster in a protected delete status. Set this to false to be able to delete the cluster.
  • -cluster-id - The cluster ID where commands will be executed.
  • -environment-id - The environment ID that this cluster belongs to.


Confirmation message for success or failure for the cluster update.


$ edw cluster update \
    -cluster-id k9kaiqrlp84o \
    -environment-id k9kaiqrlp84o \
    -node-count 2

cluster with ID k9kaiqrlp84o was successfully updated