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ElasticDW Docs

Resource: edw_cluster

The edw_cluster provides a Cluster resource. The resource lets you create, update and delete clusters.

Example Usage

resource "edw_cluster" "my-cluster" {
  name                     = "dev-cluster-a"
  environment_id           = "edw-environment-id-xxxx"
  license_id               = "edw-license-id-xxxx"
  database_name            = "vertica"
  database_master_password = "secret-password"
  vertica_version          = "10.0.0-0"
  storage_size             = 128
  node_count               = 1
  disable_backups          = false
  enable_eon_mode          = false
  aws_region               = "us-west-2"
  aws_vpc_id               = "vpc-xxxx"
  aws_subnet_id            = "subnet-xxxx"
  aws_instance_type        = "m4.large"
  use_aws_spot_instances   = false
  protected_delete         = false

Argument Reference

  • name - Name of the cluster. This must be unique. There cannot be more than one active cluster with the same name within the same environment.
  • environment_id - The ElasticDW environment ID that this cluster belongs to.
  • license_id (Optional) - The ID of a previously created ElasticDW license object that will be associated with this cluster. If no license is provided, a CE license is assumed for the cluster and only the latest version of Vertica will be supported.
  • database_name - The custom name for the database itself. This is different from the cluster name.
  • database_master_password - The custom password for accessing the database.
  • vertica_version - The Vertica version to use. For a list of available versions, please see
  • storage_size - The local storage size expressed in GB, per node.
  • node_count (Optional) - Default: 1 - The number of nodes in the cluster. While this flag has a default, in most cases the number of nodes desired will be greater than 1.
  • disable_backups (Optional) - Default: false - Disable backups to S3.
  • enable_eon_mode (Optional) - Default: false - Set the Vertica database to use Eon mode.
  • aws_region - The AWS Region that the cluster will be created in.
  • aws_vpc_id - AWS VPC ID that the cluster will be created in.
  • aws_subnet_id - AWS Subnet ID that the cluster will be created in.
  • aws_instance_type - The AWS instance type to use for the Vertica nodes.
  • use_aws_spot_instances (Optional) - Default: false - Use AWS spot instances for the nodes. Not recommended for production environments.
  • protected_delete - Wether to set the cluster in a protected delete status. While this is set to true, the cluster cannot be deleted.

Attributes Reference

In addition to the arguments above, the following attributes are also exported:

  • id - The Cluster ID (generated by ElasticDW).
  • database_endpoint - The URL endpoint that the database is accessible at.
  • status - What the current status of the server is. This can be CREATE_PENDING, …