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ElasticDW Docs

Command: cluster delete

The cluster delete command deletes an existing cluster in the environment. This will terminate all the nodes in the cluster and remove any associated resources.

Note that to be able to delete a cluster. The protected-delete property for the cluster must be set to false.

Note that this does not delete any backups that were created while the cluster was running.


edw cluster delete \
  -cluster-id <cluster_id> \
  -environment-id <cluster_environment_id>

Required Flags

  • -cluster-id - The cluster ID where commands will be executed.
  • -environment-id - The environment ID that this cluster belongs to.
Note: If the environment has not been configured or set via environment variables, global flags are also required.


Confirmation message for success or failure for the cluster deletion.


$ edw cluster delete \
    -cluster-id k9kaiqrlp84o \
    -environment-id k9don5r4e7ut

cluster with ID k9kaiqrlp84o was succesfully deleted