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Console: Clusters

Your ElasticDW clusters will displayed environment by environment on the Clusters Page. Note that any previously destroyed clusters will appear as well as any active clusters that exist.

Here you can manage your ElasticDW Cloud at the cluster level. Cluster creation begins by clicking on Create Cluster. A wizard will navigate you through the available options.

Any active cluster can be monitored, reconfigured or destroyed from this page.

Note that for deleting a cluster, the Protected Delete option needs to be turned off. To do this, edit the cluster using the pencil icon, and disable the Protected Delete option.

Below is an example of a clusters page listing with both active and destroyed resources.

In each active cluster, three icons are displayed that initiate further actions.

  • The Prompt Icon allows access to administrative SQL commands.
  • The Wrench Icon allows access to Vertica Admintools commands.
  • The Pencil Icon allows access to reconfigure the cluster.

Video Guide

The following video shows an example of cluster creation.

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