Full 360 is now part of Micro Focus

Vertica Announces Early Access of Vertica Accelerator

Vertica-as-a-Service Now Available via Early Access Program, Acquisition of Full360 further deepens commitment to delivering Vertica-as-a-Service

Vertica™️ Managed Services

Powered by ElasticDW™️
Manage, Deploy, and Scale your Warehouse.

Undiluted Vertica, as-a-service.

Vertica on ElasticDW™️ is Data Analytics with even fewer Limits

Getting started is easy.

Create your account

Create an Environment, configure the link to your AWS Account, add your Vertica license (BYOL or CE).

Upload your data

Take a backup of your Vertica cluster, and upload the Backup to AWS S3.

Create your Cluster

Use our web Console, Command Line Interface, or Terraform to deploy your cluster.

Automated infrastructure
for cluster

Using Vertica on ElasticDW means never worrying about the heavy lifting that comes with managing Vertica data warehouse infrastructure yourself.

Eon or Enterprise Mode

Take full advantage of EON mode or Enterprise mode to scale up and scale down with ease.

Rich Client Functionality

With ElasticDW, multi-node clusters can be created and managed easily via a web application, command line interface or via Terraform.

Remote access to tools

No need to login to the nodes. All development and limited DBA functions are available through the interfaces.

Hosted in your Cloud Account

Keep your data under your (virtual) roof. Unlike other solutions, ElasticDW allows you to manage the environments and clusters within your own Amazon account and environment.

Flexible Licensing

Bring Your Own License (BYOL), or use Community Edition. As Vertica resellers, we can offer other licensing options.

Deep expertise in
Columnar and cloud.

We have been building, migrating and running data warehouse workloads in the cloud for our entire tenure - expertise that is built into the ElasticDW platform, under a fully endorsed partnership with Vertica.

Vertica partners since the beginning

We have been working with Vertica since its launch in 2005. Production Vertica workloads on AWS implementation since 2009.

AWS partners since the the beginning

We have been working with AWS since launch of EC2 in 2007. Successfully demonstrated the feasibility of migrating the largest (at the time, a 100+ node) Vertica cluster from on-prem to AWS.


Managed Service Plans

Getting started is easy.


Self Service

Managed environment that includes access via a Self Service Console, CLI, and Terraform integration. Fast Incident Resolution.


White Glove

A mid-sized solution with a fully managed endpoint, Faster incident resolution with extended coverage hours.


Beyond the Warehouse

Enterprise scale with support for BI, ETL, and end to end integration. Fastest incident resolution with 24/7 coverage.

Beyond Vertica

Integrations & Add-Ons

The platform provides a rich set of available extensions


AWS Glue





Apache Superset


Tibco Jaspersoft




AWS Kinesis


AWS Cloudwatch

Apache AirFlow

Slack Hooks



CI/CD & Docker

Remote DBA

Migration Plans

Let us help us with your journey.


No Charge

Self service S3 Backup and restore, with basic cloud right sizing support


Fixed + Contingency

Assisted backup to S3, and restoration to ElasticDW platform.

Right sizing analysis and recommendations

White Glove

Statement of Work

Full environment review.

Fully planned and executed end-to-end migration.

End to end ETL/ELT & BI Migration Support

Any (Oracle, Redshift, Snowflake, Netezza, Teradata) to Vertica

Vertica™️ Managed Services

Powered by ElasticDW™️
Manage, Deploy, and Scale your Warehouse.