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ElasticDW Docs

Command: cluster create

The cluster create command creates a named data warehouse cluster, within the chosen environment.

With the defaults the command will create a single node cluster, using enterprise mode.


edw cluster create \
  -name <your_cluster_name> \
  -aws-region <aws_region> \
  -aws-subnet-id <aws_subnet> \
  -aws-vpc-id <aws_vpc> \
  -database-name <database_name> \
  -database-master-password <changeme> \
  -environment-id <environment_id> \
  -aws-instance-type <aws_instance_type> \
  -storage-size <size_of_local_storage> \
  -vertica-version <vertica_version>


  • -name - Name of the cluster. This must be unique across a cluster, i.e. there cannot be more than one active cluster with the same name within the same environment.
  • -aws-region - The AWS Region that the cluster will be created in.
  • -aws-subnet-id - The AWS Subnet ID that the cluster will be created in.
  • -aws-vpc-id - The AWS VPC ID that the cluster will be created in.
  • -database-master-password - The custom password for accessing the database.
  • -environment-id - The managed service Environment ID that this cluster belongs to.
  • -vertica-version - The Vertica version to use. For a list of available versions, please see
Note: If the environment has not been configured or set via environment variables, global flags are also required.

Optional Flags

  • -use-aws-spot-instances - Default: false - Use spot instances for the nodes. Not recommended for production environments.
  • -node-count - Default: 1 - The number of nodes in the cluster. While this flag has a default, in most cases the number of nodes desired will be greater than 1.
  • -disable-backups - Default: false - Disable backups to S3.
  • -enable-eon-mode - Default: false - Set the Vertica database to use Eon mode.
  • -storage-size - Defaults to 150 - The amount of the storage in GB for the root volume. 100GB is the recommended minimum. The rest of the local storage will be allocated appropriately to catalog and data.
  • -aws-instance-type - Defaults to m4.large - The instance type to be provisioned for the cluster.
  • -database-name - Defaults to dev - The custom name for the database itself. This is different from the cluster name.
  • -license-id - The license id that the cluster will use
  • -protected-delete - Default: true - Wether to create the cluster in a protected delete status. While this is set to true, the cluster cannot be deleted.


On initiation, the managed service platform will initiate the automated creation of the cluster, and provide the following details (in addition to returning the Flags above):

  • id - The Cluster ID (generated by the managed service)

  • status - What the current status of the server is. The typical status changes are:

    • CREATE_PENDING - Infrastructure Creation Pending
      • APPLY_IN_PROGRESS - Infrastructure Creation In Process
        • SUCCESS - Infrastructure Creation Complete
      • DATABASE_CONFIG_INIT - Database Configuration In Progress (this may start in parallel with the infrastructure creation - the database configuration can start as soon as the nodes are ready, but there may be other infrastructure components that continue to finish.
        • DATABASE_CONFIG_SUCCESS - Database Configuration Complete
  • created_at - The Date that the Cluster was created.

  • updated_at - The Date that the Cluster was updated.


$ edw cluster create \
    -aws-region us-west-2 \
    -aws-subnet-id subnet-1234 \
    -aws-vpc-id vpc-1a2b3c \
    -database-name cli_db \
    -database-master-password changeme \
    -environment-id 4 \
    -aws-instance-type m4.large \
    -name cli_cluster \
    -storage-size 100 \
    -vertica-version 9.3.0-1 \
    -license-id license-1 \

    "id": k9kaiqrlp84o,
    "name": "cli_cluster",
    "status": "CREATE_PENDING",
    "nodes": 1,
    "storage_size": 100,
    "aws_region": "us-west-2",
    "created_at": "2020-03-13T23:14:44Z",
    "updated_at": "2020-03-13T23:14:44Z",
    "enable_backups": true,
    "aws_vpc_id": "vpc-1234",
    "aws_subnet_id": "subnet-1234",
    "instance_type": "m4.large",
    "vertica_version": "9.3.0-1",
    "database_name": "cli_db"
    "license_id": "license_1"