ElasticDW Docs

Getting Started

Download the CLI

Version: 1.1.0

Get the Master Token from the UI

After downloading the CLI, in order to use the CLI to manage environments/clusters, Client Id and Master Token are required. These will be used for authentication. To get these, please follow the following steps:

  1. Log on to the UI using your credentials. /img/Authentication%20UI/login.png

  2. Click the “Key” icon on the top right to go to Home>Access page.

  1. Click the “Generate” button under “Master Token” section.
  2. Copy the “Client ID” as well as “Master Token” and keep it for your records, since these will be required to use the CLI to manage your environments/clusters.
  3. These can be generated again as needed, however you will have to configure your edw again with the latest Master Token, since the old one will be disabled, when a new one is generated.ª

Environment Variables

We highly recommend setting the following environment variables to make it easier to run the examples in the documentation here. The Client ID and Master Tokens can be accessed in the ElasticDW web console. Environment tokens can also be obtained on the web console, or generated as described below.

export EDW_TOKEN=<your_master_OR_environment_token>
export EDW_CLIENT_ID=<your_client_id>

Video Guide

This video gives some examples of how the CLI works. Terraform is showed here as well.