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ElasticDW Docs

Command: cluster describe

The cluster describe command provides details about the properties and state of the cluster. If a specific cluster-id is not specified, the command returns an array of all clusters that match - either in the environment, or active, depending on the flags passed.


edw cluster describe \
  -cluster-id <cluster_id> \
  -environment-id <cluster_environment_id>

edw cluster describe \
  -environment-id <cluster_environment_id>

edw cluster describe \
  -only-active \
  -environment-id <cluster_environment_id>

Required Flags

  • -environment-id - The environment ID that this cluster belongs to.
Note: If the environment has not been configured or set via environment variables, global flags are also required.

Optional Flags

  • -cluster-id - The cluster ID where commands will be executed.
  • -only-active - Shows all active clusters in that environment.


  • id - The Cluster ID (generated by ElasticDW).
  • name - The name of the cluster supplied to the command.
  • status - What the current status of the server is. This can be CREATE_PENDING, …
  • nodes - The number of nodes supplied to the command for the cluster.
  • storage_size - The amount of storage allocated for each node on the cluster.
  • aws_region - The AWS Region that the cluster will be created in.
  • enable_backups - Whether backups to S3 have been enabled.
  • aws_vpc_id - AWS VPC ID that the cluster will be created in.
  • aws_subnet_id - AWS Subnet ID that the cluster will be created in.
  • instance_type - The AWS instance type to use for the Vertica nodes.
  • vertica_version - The Vertica version selected by the command to use.
  • created_at - The Date that the Cluster was created.
  • updated_at - The Date that the Cluster was updated.
  • database_name - The database name supplied to the command.


$ edw cluster describe \
    -cluster-id <cluster_id> \
    -environment-id <cluster_environment_id>

    "id": k9kaiqrlp84o,
    "name": "cli_cluster",
    "nodes": 2,
    "storage_size": 100,
    "aws_region": "us-west-2",
    "created_at": "2020-03-13T23:14:44Z",
    "updated_at": "2020-03-16T15:30:19Z",
    "enable_backups": true,
    "aws_vpc_id": "vpc-1234",
    "aws_subnet_id": "subnet-1234",
    "instance_type": "m4.large",
    "vertica_version": "9.3.0-1",
    "database_name": "cli_db"