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ElasticDW Docs

Resource: edw_license

The edw_license provides a License resource. The resource lets you create and delete licenses that can be associated with clusters.

Example Usage

When defining a license you can specify the content directly on the resource using a literal string or you could use a local_file resource to achieve the same result with an existing plain text file.

data "local_file" "license_file" {
  filename = "${path.module}/license.txt"

resource "edw_license" "my-license" {
  name          = "test-license-1"
  content       = data.local_file.license_file.content

# Use the license in the create
resource "edw_cluster" "my-cluster" {
  name                     = "dev-cluster-a"
  environment_id           = "edw-environment-id-xxxx"
  license_id               = edw_license.my-license.id
  database_name            = "vertica"
  database_master_password = "secret-password"
  vertica_version          = "10.0.0-0"
  storage_size             = 128
  node_count               = 1
  disable_backups          = false
  enable_eon_mode          = false
  aws_region               = "us-west-2"
  aws_vpc_id               = "vpc-xxxx"
  aws_subnet_id            = "subnet-xxxx"
  aws_instance_type        = "m4.large"
  use_aws_spot_instances   = false

Argument Reference

  • name - The name of the license being created
  • content - The raw content of the license to be uploaded.

Attributes Reference

In addition to the arguments above, the following attributes are also exported:

  • id - The License ID (generated by ElasticDW).