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ElasticDW Docs

ElasticDW Command Line Interface (CLI)

ElasticDW is controlled by a simple to use command-line interface (CLI) application - edw

The ElasticDW CLI is a well-behaved command line application. In cases where an error might happen, a non-zero exit status will be returned. It also responds to -h and -help as expected.

Getting Started

Getting Started instructions.


edw <subcommand> [args]


Global Flags

Global flags are flags available in all subcommands of the CLI.

  • -client-id - The ID of the client.
  • -token - The token to call the service API.
  • -url - The URL of the service API. (Default: https://api.elasticdw.com)
  • -verbose - Log verbose output. (Default: false)


It’s important to pass any boolean (true/false) flags/parameters using the syntax -v=true instead of -v true otherwise CLI will not produce expected results and will throw unexpected error messages.

Calling a boolean flag without parameters will set it to true, e.g. -enable-eon-mode will set the eon mode flag to true.