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ElasticDW Docs

Command: license create

The license create command creates a managed service license, which data warehouse clusters can use.

You need to have access to a Master Token to create licenses.


    edw license create [flags]

Required Flags

  • -name - The name of the license being created.
  • -license-file - The file path of the license file.


  • id - The license ID (generated by the managed service).
  • name - The Name that was supplied by the command.
  • created_at - The Date that the license was created.
  • updated_at - The Date that the license was updated.


    $ edw license create \
        -name CLI_example \
        -license-file /path/to/license/file

          "id": k9don5r4e7ut,
          "name": "CLI_Created",
          "created_at": "2020-03-12T19:07:13Z",
          "updated_at": "2020-03-12T19:07:13Z"