Discover, Plan, and Prepare.



Investigate current deployments and processes in order to design the best control framework and approach.

We clarify existing objectives, current processes, governance, support levels and processes, disaster recovery plans and security roles. With what you now know about the cloud, this phase lays the foundations for cloud adoption.

Unknown unknowns hide in every organization. We take the opportunity to flush out all hidden dependencies in the data supply chain. We turn ‘status quo’ into ‘status know’. With this phase complete, Customers emerge truly understanding their architectural and process strengths and weaknesses. The opportunity becomes clear and priorities become more focused.

Next, we collaboratively create a concrete framework and roadmap that will enable control and direction for all work to follow. Whether it’s a single application or a portfolio, the roadmap will be clear. This roadmap will reflect your organization’s priorities, staffing requirements, expectations, and capacity so that a clear pace can be established and proper lines of communication and responsibility are put in place. Contracts, licenses, legal arrangements, budgets, schedules, rosters, manifests. We work through various scenarios based on our mutual assessment of what can go wrong. We outfit for the purposes of the safety and authority for the TREK.

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Enterprise Cloud Enablement

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