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Managed Tableau cluster add-on for ElasticDW


A large pharmaceutical company invited Full360 to upgrade and migrate their Tableau service from their data center to the Amazon Cloud.

The Problem

Highly valuable information for all of the active and ongoing customers and prospect have been stored in the sales database. These data were hosted in the AWS cloud but accessed via the on premise Tableau server. The client desired to upgrade the capacity and performance of their single Tableau server which would sometimes fail and lose information. They didn’t want to dilute their analytic focus by worrying about the performance, deployment or configurations of the tool.

The Solution

Full 360 built a high availability solution supporting a three node cluster of Tableau servers. We built a custom AMI on Amazon Linux2 from scratch. Using a combination of custom configurations of Hashi Consul for service discovery and an AWS Autoscaling Group. In order to keep costs down, Terraform was used to generate a fully configured instance on demand. The new instance is seamlessly integrated into the cluster.

The Results

Working with staff and consultants based on the East Cost, the Full 360 team migrated the entire metadata repository for Tableau and all associated reports and security profiles in a short period of time.

  • No Look Operation IT staff has been liberated from responding to user complaints about Tableau. It is now a utility managed service. It just works.

  • High Availability Achieved Users have not experienced any downtime since the establishment of the cluster.

  • Performance Improved Operating performance of the Tableau was increased by a wide margin. End users as well as report creators found noticeably higher response time for their Tableau operations.

  • Seamless Integration Full 360 integrated with their MSAD via SAML. Users only needed to logoff and log back on to enjoy the cloud-based system.

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