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Netezza HIPAA warehouse migrated to cloud data warehouse


A provider-sponsored health insurance company that serves more than 1.2 million members invited Full 360 to migrate their Netezza system from their data center to the Amazon Cloud. We selected Redshift as the technology of choice and migrated four databases.

The Problem

The company was looking to avoid the cost of renewing its expensive on-premise Netezza enterprise license and migrate their portfolio of databases to Amazon Redshift. They supported dozens of users across multiple departments and needed a seamless transition under time constraints. With limited technical expertise in the cloud they needed to support a hybrid environment leveraging legacy technology for their primary mission critical applications. This patient data is protected under HIPAA and the engagement needed to meet all security requirements.

The Solution

Full 360’s Big Data & Data Warehouse Practice proposed a standard Lift & Shift Database Migration plus our Upshift. This would insure the application would be familiar to all parties using the same front-ends and processes. It would further insure that the new data warehouse would be rightsized and perform under real-world conditions. Full 360 would add the full complement of AWS architecture benefits including CloudWatch, ECS, SNS and those features of the Pitbull Architecture. Additionally, Full 360’s SneaQL would manage the highly complex business rules of the full data warehouse in this hybrid cloud environment.

Full 360 designed and built a hybrid architecture bridging their BMC and Informatica tech on-premise with containerized fleets running SneaQL in their new VPC. Dozens of tables in multiple schemas and four databases were successfully migrated in bulk. Full 360 built custom data cleansing agents that live on-premise, controlled by legacy tech, to push optimized JSON to S3. In the final phase the incremental data synched all data with no loss of production support.

The Results

The client was able to retire Netezza. They moved from using a single on-premise appliance that supported Prod, QA & Dev environments to an AWS Redshift cluster that isolated these loads. Previously it was possible for a large QA job to effect Production performance. This is no more. They now have a high availability solution. Full 360 built a structured data lake based on S3 that now makes it much easier for our customer to expand its capabilities.

  • Improved Performance
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • High Availability
  • Improved Reliability
  • Leveraged Legacy Systems
  • On-Time Delivery

The customer was completely satisfied with the results and are looking forward to sharing elements of this solution with other healthcare providers and insurers jointly with Full 360.

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