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Vertica Announces Early Access of Vertica Accelerator

Vertica-as-a-Service Now Available via Early Access Program, Acquisition of Full360 further deepens commitment to delivering Vertica-as-a-Service


Two-tier cloud datawarehouse for lower TCO



Data growth and integrating new data sources, while essential to the businesses, made planning and maintaining systems a challenge. Further, as data warehousing needs increased, the client was exposed to increased licensing costs.

In a strategic planning and proof of concept engagement, Full 360 evaluated the current system’s architecture and proposed methods to optimize licensing and infrastructure so that budgeting could be more predictable.


A data warehouse using Redshift for large amounts of source data, while storing only key tables and aggregates in Vertica.

This approach accommodates ad-hoc analysis on large datasets (Redshift) while still facilitating high performance dashboards and reporting (Vertica). It leverages the strengths of each platform and protects the existing Vertica license investment—so that licensing could be managed carefully to support predicted expansion.

Full360 presented a total cost of ownership model to the client, demonstrating a terabyte of data cycling through the two data warehouse tiers. This continues our strategy of leveraging innovative cloud native architectures to rightsize the solution for the customer.


With help from Full 360, News could clearly envision moving its data warehouse workloads from dependency on a single vendor to a multi-tier collaboration using proprietary and open source software.

In addition to more efficient licensing, the client benefits from having a cloud-powered system. The cloud offers scalability, so that additional resources can be provisioned immediately, whenever needed. Compared to an on-site system, the difference in flexibility is startling.

This combined approach drove substantial savings; over a 10 year period, we projected that this client could alleviate as much as 71% of licensing and computing infrastructure expenses.

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